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Q. What is my refund amount based on?
A. The refund amount listed is based on your insurance contribution in the Plan for the specified policy year noted on the annual refund statement. In order to receive a refund for the Plan, you must be an active participant through the end of the specified policy year.

Q. Why are my contributions different from what is reflected in my annual refund?
A. The refund amount is based on coverage in force throughout the specified plan year.

Q. Why is my refund percentage different from what is presented in the committee report?
A. The committee report reflects a base percent and does not include optional coverages. Your refund could be different due to rate class status or payment mode. The following could impact your refund percentage:

  • Refund percentages are decreased by 1% for the Semi-Annual payment basis and by 2% for the Monthly payment basis, or if contribution payments are not remitted timely.

  • Monthly refund percentages are applicable to Participants in the GVUL Plan.

Q. I misplaced my K-1 and/or lost my annual refund check, how do I request a replacement?

A. For group policies under the AICPA Group Insurance Trust: Please call Aon at 1-800-223-7473.

For individual policies: You can access the Online Self-Service Center to access Refund information, including printing a duplicate copy of your K-1. Simply register at www.trustmyaccount.cpai.com to begin using this convenient online service. It's easy and secure.

If you have not yet registered to use the Online Self-Service Center, and need a replacement of your refund check, call Aon at 1-800-223-7473 or submit a written request to Aon Insurance Services, AICPA Insurance Trust, 159 E. County Line Road, Hatboro, PA 19040.

Annual refund checks are valid for 180 days from the date of issuance. Any checks that are still outstanding after that time are deemed null and void. A credit will be posted to your account and deducted from the next invoice due on your account.

Q. Why did I not receive an actual, live refund check?
A. If your method of payment is Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT); your annual refund has been directly deposited into your bank account on file. This deposit is reflected by the advice in your annual refund package. If you are a GVUL Participant, your annual refund has been credited to your Certificate Fund. A GVUL transaction confirmation will be sent under a separate cover. If you elected to receive your annual refund as a credit to your account, your refund will be deducted from the next invoice due on your account.

Q. Why am I receiving a K-1 statement?
A. The AICPA Insurance Plan contribution payments are held in the AICPA Insurance Trust and AICPA Group Insurance Trust. Earnings by each Trust are redistributed back to the members of the applicable Trust as part of the Annual Refund. The K-1 statement specifies your portion of the taxable interest earned as part of the AICPA Insurance Trust or the AICPA Group Insurance Trust.

Q. Can I request to receive future refunds as a credit?
A. Although never guaranteed, you can change your preference for future annual refunds by accessing your account on the Online Self Service center at www.trustmyaccount.cpai.com. Account credits are deducted from the next invoice due on your account. This option is not available for customers paying by EFT and GVUL customers. Certain other limitations may apply as noted on the Self Service center.

Q. When and how can I change my billing cycle to be billed Monthly, Semi-Annually, or Annually?
A. For individual policies, you may request a billing cycle change at renewal time. All changes must be submitted in writing or online by accessing the Online Self Service center at www.trustmyaccount.cpai.com. Monthly payment modes must be paid through Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) only. Semi-Annual or Annual modes can be either direct bill or EFT. If you prefer EFT, please include a voided blank personal check with your written request. Monthly mode is not available for the Long Term Disability Income Plan.

Q. How can I make changes such as removing or adding the AD&D option, Dependent Child Coverage or removing Waiver of Contribution (WOC)?
A. For Individual policies, you can make coverage changes at any time throughout the year. All changes must be submitted in writing or online by accessing the Trust Online Self-Service Center at www.trustmyaccount.cpai.com. Important-- if submitting a change in writing, please include your name, telephone number, account number, specific change and owner signature. Send or Fax your written request to:

Aon Insurance Services
AICPA Insurance Trust

159 E County Line Road • Hatboro PA 19040
Fax #1-800-242-7248

Please note: To add WOC or increase coverage, you must submit your request through the application process. Apply online or call 1-800-223-7473 to request an application.

For GVUL, you should consider the contract and the underlying funds' investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses carefully before investing. Both the contract prospectus and fund prospectuses contain this and other important information. You may contact Aon Benfield Securities, Inc. for the prospectuses. You should read them carefully before purchasing the coverage.

Group Variable Universal Life Insurance is issued by The Prudential Insurance Company of America, 751 Broad Street, Newark, NJ 07102 and is distributed by Prudential Investment Management Services LLC (PIMS), Three Gateway Center, 14th Floor, Newark, NJ 07102. GVUL is administered and offered through Aon Benfield Securities, Inc. Member FINRA/SIPC, 159 East County Line Road, Hatboro, PA 19040-1218. 1-800-223-7473. The Plan Administrator/Plan Agent of the AICPA Insurance Trust is Aon Insurance Services. Aon Benfield Securities, Inc. and Aon Insurance Services are not affiliated with either Prudential or PIMS.

Coverage under the Group Life, Long Term Disability and Long Term Care Plans are issued by The Prudential Insurance Company of America, 751 Broad Street, Newark, NJ 07102.

Insurer Issued Codes:
California COA #1179 NAIC #68241

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